Film Credits

Directed by

Larry Weinstein

Produced by

Liam Romalis and Jason Charters

Written by

Jason Charters

Edited by

David New

Executive Producer

Marie-Odile Demay

Director of Photography

Kiarash Sadigh

Production Designer

Marian Wihak

Costume Designer

Robyn Macdonald

Visual Researcher

MaryJo Lavelle

Music by

Aaron Davis


Rob Bowman
Mark Breslin
Alan Dershowitz
Ophira Eisenberg
Lisa Geduldig
Robert Harris
Rob Kapilow
Jennifer 8. Lee
Jackie Mason
Joshua Plaut
Fr. Thomas Rosica
Steve March-Tormé
Mirjam Wenzel

With performances by

Kevin Breit
Aviva Chernick
Roger Feng
Justin Gray
Franc-Anton Harwart
The Lemon Bucket Orkestra
Steven Page
Gaston Poon
Dione Taylor
David Walll
Tom Wilson

Cast (in order of appearance)

Decker Williams
Jenna Harris
Hannah Kelderman
Jeremy Salzman
Gaston Poon
Kang Ho
Franc-Anton Harwart
Andrew Chung
Alex Seo
Jordan Michael Phouttharath
Nicole Haber
Shelly Faber
Roger Feng
Doan Phan
Santa Claus

Background Patrons

Ana Buzdugan
Angelique Espino
Jack Epstein
David Fine
Roseann Fine
Sydney Freeman
Kyle Gelbloom-Kantor
Debra Kaiser
Hilarie Klapman
Sam Lowen
Adam Mezei
Maria Cecilia Miranda
Ophelia C. Miranda
Daryn Pancer
Howard Pont
Jayden Porter
Helena Sheppard
Sash Striga
Barbara Stulberg
Fred Tymoshenko
Laura Webb
Bryna Weiss
Aaron Zaretsky
Andrea Zaretsky

Hong Luck Kung Fu Club Lion Dancers

Nancy Ing
David Lieu
Alexander La
Justin Strachan
Quang Thang
Wison To
Andrew Wong
Vincent Yang


Production Manager

Jennifer Mesich

1st Assistant Director

Mark Pancer

Production Coordinator

Andrew Edmonds

2nd Assistant Director

Eric Banz

3rd Assistant Director

Paul Dudar

4th Assistant Directors

Liz May & Alexa Mitchell

Production Assistants

Elizabeth Gibson
Kunai Mulkani
Michael Pugacewicz

Production Accountant

Michael Goede

Casting Director

Jenny Lewis
Lewis Kay Casting


Lisa Stevens

Assistant Choreographer

Carla Bennett

Script Supervisor

Sydney Kondruss

Art Director

Shelley Silverman

Set Decorator

Ashley Devereux

Props Master

Kat Germain

Props Assistant

Adrienne Trent

Props Maker

Marsha Williams

Set Dressers

Edward Hillier
Julia Howman
Phil Leech
Alana Robshaw

Head Carpenter

David Ralph


Giuseppe Condello
Wayne Weston

Assistant Carpenter

John Mott

Crew Labourer

Julia Mendoza

Camera Operator

John Minh Tran CSC

Additional Camera Operators

Joseph Friedman
Michael Leschisin
Dan Martino
Wynn Padula

1st Assistant Cameras

Chris Goll
Paul Steves
Blain Thrush

2nd Assistant Cameras

Dan Adlam

Nate O’Brien


Derreck Roemer

Sebastian Russell


Mike O’Neil

Board Operator

Gideon Ayesu

Key Grips

Benjamin Dundas
Ben Locche


Dillon Freel
Dominique Girouard
Brett Hughes
Robin Hunter
Andrew Locche
James Marshall
Liam Small
Simon Stunt
Kyle Thornhill
Adam Warren

Special Effects Coordinator

Derek Liscoumb

Assistant Costume Designer

Shelly Romalis

Wardrobe Supervisor

Tara Thompson

Wardrobe Assistant

Aimée Tobolka

Key Makeup Artist

Jessica Carter


Lani Starr


Linda Carter

Makeup Assistant

Miriam R. Stables

Location Manager

Nikhil D’Souza

Assistant Location Manager

John Crilly

Set Security

Steven Robertson

Craft Services

William Engel
Scott Edwin Farmer

Fortune Cookie Testers

Eli Charters
Simon Charters

Catering by

Blazing Kitchen

Post Production Services by

Spence-Thomas Audio Post

Post-Production Coordinator

Mako Funasaka


Jonas Crawley

Graphics & Animation

Nick Sewell

Sound Supervisor/Mixer

Richard Spence-Thomas

Sound Editor

Gary Vaughan

Additional sound engineering

Patton Rodrigues


Julian Bateman
Natalya Ferguson
Heather White


Ingrid Hamilton

Stills Photographer

Jackie Shapiro


Jackson Myers
Katie O’Reilly

Insurance Provided by

Arthur J. Gallagher Canada Limited


Angelika Heim
Stohn Hay Cafazzo
Dembroski Richmond LLP
Willa Marcus

Post Production Accounting by

Kay & Warburton Chartered Accountants


General Manager, Programming

Sally Catto

Executive Director, Unscripted Content

Jennifer Dettman

Senior Director, Documentary

Sandra Kleinfeld

Director of Production, Unscripted Content

Alexandra Lane

Director of Finance, Unscripted Content

Julie Lawlor

Executive in Charge of Production, NDR

Claudia Cellarius

For Kobalt Productions GmbH


Stefan Mathieu


Anahita Nazemi
Eva Rink

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Music direction and original score by

Aaron Davis

Music Clearances

Sébastien Lépine, Tram 7

Music consultant

David Wall

Music recorded by

Guillermo Subuaste

Kitchen percussion recorded by

Charlie Finlay

Lemon Bucket Orchestra recorded by

David Plowman

On set music recording by

Gary Vaughan

Boom Operator

Alison Hill

Additional engineering by

Bernie Cisternas

Piano, vocals & orchestration

Aaron Davis

Bass & Bass

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Composed by Mikhl Gelbart and S.E. Goldfarb
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Original music recorded at Pacha Sound, Canterbury Sound and Number Nine Studios, Toronto, Canada

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